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PAGE 1 - David Penprase, Uwe Ommer & Jan Saudek

PAGE 2 - Jeanloup Sieff, Helmut Newton & David Hamilton

PAGE 3 - Herb Ritts, Howard Schatz + 3 more

PAGE 4 - Erwin Blumenfeld, Bob Carlos Clarke, Thierry Le Goues & Robert Farber

PAGE 5 - William A. Ewing, Boris Vallejo, Trevor Watson & Roy Stuart

PAGE 6 - 12 Fetish Books

PAGE 7 - Monochrome Printing Techniques

Monochrome Printing Techniques

Essential books for the serious black and white printing enthusiast by some of the most influential printers of today.

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Monochrome printing chemicals Silverprint

Monochrome printing chemicals Fotospeed

Arem Publishing - Previously Creative Monochrome
Gradient Light
Gradient Light by Eddie Ephraums, explains how to use variable contrast printing papers to maximum effect.
Published by Working Books Ltd.
The Master Photographer's Lith Printing Course
The Master Photographer's Lith Printing Course by Tim Rudman. The only book to cover the subject of lith printing in depth. Packed with tips, techniques and formulae. Much praised and highly recommended.
Published by Argentum (Aurum Press Ltd).
Silver Gelatin
Silver Gelatin by Martin Reed and Sarah Jones. A practical guide to the use of liquid photographic emulsions.
Published by Working Books Ltd.
Larry Bartlett's Black & White Photographic Printing Workshop
Larry Bartlett's Black & White Photographic Printing Workshop
The late, great master printer reveals his secrets of successful monochrome printing. Text by John Tarrant.
Published by Fountain Press.
Platinum & Palladium Printing
Platinum & Palladium Printing by Dick Arentz. A complete guide to platinum and palladium printing. It explains the method of print-making with an emphasis on technical control and addresses setting up the laboratory, negative making, paper chemicals and sensitometry as it applies to the process. Published by Focal Press.
Historic Photographic Processes
Historic Photographic Processes
This volume covers many of the historic photographic processes of the 19th century, describing how to make the images, with detailed supply lists. Chapters on safety, chemicals and resources, as well as a list of useful Internet sites, are included.
Published by Watson-Guptil Publications.

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